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Global Africa Aviation, McDonnel Douglas MD-11F, Engine Failure during Takeoff

Engine failure during takeoff from Al Maktoum International Airport. Ref. No: AIFN/0004/2019...
Flight Calibration Services Limited, Diamond DA62, Accident, Loss of Control on Approach during Runway Lighting Calibration Flight

Loss of control on approach during runway lighting calibration flight. Ref. No: AIFN/0007/2019...
Descent below Cleared Altitude during Approach and FMS not reconfigured following a reset during the Second Approach

Descent below cleared altitude during the first approach, and FMS was not reconfigured following a reset during the second approach. Ref. No: AIFN/0010/2017...
Safety Study on Parasailing in the United Arab Emirates

The towlines of two parasail canopies snapped and the canopies liberated. Each of the canopies was carrying three people. Both blown by wind and then landed hardly at a nearby farm. Ref. No: SRP/0001/2020...

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