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Aero medical Examiner

The Licensing Department of the GCAA performs all the personnel licensing functions in the capacity of ‘Licensing Authority’ as envisaged in the applicable international standards. The function is delegated to the Director of Licensing by the Director General of GCAA for ensuring that the requirements for Personnel Licensing as mentioned in ‘Chicago Convention’ are met in a comprehensive manner.
The GCAA Licensing Department performs the licensing and Aeromedical actions in respect of the following categories:

1. Licenses and ratings for pilots
2. Licenses for flight crew members other than licenses for pilots
3. Licenses and ratings for personnel other than pilots
4. Medical provisions for licensing

The licensing actions performed by the Licensing & Aeromedical are administered by the office are the functions of State’s Licensing Authority for aviation personnel in the UAE with following responsibilities:

a) assessment of an applicant’s qualifications to hold a license or rating;

b) issue and endorsement of licenses and ratings;

c) designation and authorization of approved persons;

d) approval of training courses;

e) approval of the use of flight simulation training devices and authorization for their use in gaining the experience or in demonstrating the skill required for the issue of a license or rating and

f) validation of licenses issued by other Contracting States.

The GCAA Licensing Department plays a proactive role when it comes to maintaining standards equal to or better than international standards. A number of steps have been taken that ensure stringent but practical requirements guaranteeing a higher level of safety.



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Senior AME

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