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Accident / Incident Investigation Report

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Ref. No Reg. No
Occurrence Aircraft Type
Damage Occurrence Year
Aircraft Occurrence Category
Injury Index Report Status

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Reference No Registration No Occurrence Aircraft Aircraft Type Location Damage Occurance Date Occurance Category Injury Index Report Status
AIFN/0008/2012 A6-ABS, A6-FDK
Airbus A320-241, Boeing B737-8 ..
Airbus A320-241, Boeing B737-800, A6-ABS, A6-FDK AIRPROX (Loss of Separation), 5nm west of Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates, 22 April 2012.
Air plane Airbus A320-214, Boeing B737-800 5nm west of Dubai International Airport, the United Arab Emirates None 22/Apr/2012 Serious Incident None Final
AIFN/0009/2015 A6-EEA
Airbus A380-800, A6-EEA, Serio ..
Airbus A380-800, A6-EEA, Serious Injury to a Cabin Crewmember Due to Turbulence, In-flight, United Arab Emirates, 13 September 2015
Air plane Airbus A380-800 In-flight, United Arab Emirates None 13/Sep/2015 Accident Serious Preliminary
AIFN/0003/2011 A6-EMH
Boeing 777-200, A6-EMH, Partia ..
Boeing 777-200, A6-EMH, Partial Loss of Right Hand Engine, Thrust Reverser, Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Russia, 5 March 2011
Air plane Boeing 777-200 Moscow Domodedovo Airport Minor 05/Mar/2011 Incident None Final
AIFN/0003/2014 VQ-BOC
Airbus A321-231, VQ-BOC, Groun ..
Airbus A321-231, VQ-BOC, Ground Vehicle Collision with a Parked Aircraft, Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates, 17 February 2014
Air plane Airbus A321-231 Dubai International Airport Minor 17/Feb/2014 Accident Serious Final
AIFN/0015/2013 A6-MSM
Agusta 109S, A6-MSM, Helicopte ..
Agusta 109S, A6-MSM, Helicopter Collision with Jetblast Fence during Taxi, Al Ain International Airport, United Arab Emirates, 31 December 2013
Helicopter Agusta 109S Al Ain International Airport Minor 31/Dec/2013 Incident None Final
AIFN/0022/2012 A6-EII
Airbus A320-232, A6-EII, Pilot ..
Airbus A320-232, A6-EII, Pilot Incapacitation, during Approach to Abu Dhabi International Airport, United Arab Emirates, 16 November 2012
Air plane Airbus A320-232 Abu Dhabi None 16/Nov/2012 Serious Incident None Final
AIFN/0005/2013 A6-EHF
Airbus A340-600, A6-EHF, Aerop ..
Airbus A340-600, A6-EHF, Aeroplane, Unreliable Airspeed Indication, Over International Waters Entering Melbourne FIR from Colombo FIR, 3 February 2013
Air plane Airbus A340-600 Over International Waters after Passing Colombo FIR and Entering Melbourne FIR None 03/Feb/2013 Serious Incident None Final
AIFN/0016/2012 A6-ADB
DHC-8-315Q, A6-ADB, Aeroplane, ..
DHC-8-315Q, A6-ADB, Aeroplane, Engine Hot Gas Leak, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 9 September 2012.
Air plane DHC-8-315Q Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates None 09/Sep/2012 Incident None Final
AIFN/0010/2014 AP-RBA
Hawker Beechcraft 400XP, AP-RB ..
Hawker Beechcraft 400XP, AP-RBA, Aeroplane, Aircraft Attempted Takeoff from Taxiway, Al Maktoum International Airport Dubai – U.A.E., 23 May 2014.
Air plane Hawker Beechcraft 400XP Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai None 23/May/2014 Serious Incident None Final
AIFN/0012/2010 A6-EWC
Boeing 777-200LR, A6-EWC, Aero ..
Boeing 777-200LR, A6-EWC, Aeroplane, Nose Gear Tire Tread Separation on Takeoff, Dubai International Airport, Dubai – U.A.E., 08 August 2010.
Air plane Boeing 777-200LR Dubai International Airport, Dubai Minor 08/Aug/2010 Incident None Final

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