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Foreign Operator

What is GCAA SAFA program?

The National Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) Ramp inspections program has been introduced and adopted by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) of the United Arab Emirates.

In order to protect the interest of General Public like the citizens who may be living in the vicinity of airports or travelling onboard a visiting aircraft, the GCAA has detected the need to effectively monitor the enforcement of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)/National safety standards within the United Arab Emirates. This is achieved through the execution of ramp inspection surveillance program on foreign aircraft landing at the airports in the UAE.

The SAFA Ramp inspections surveillance program ensures operator’s compliance with ICAO’s minimum standards and recommended practices. All GCAA SAFA Inspectors are very experienced in their relevant field of expertise and have received additional specialized theoretical and practical training before performing any SAFA inspections.

How to report incident and accident and unsafe conditions?

The Foreign Air Operator shall establish procedures for reporting incidents, serious incidents and accidents   to the GCAA, in accordance with CAR-OPS 1.420 (c) and ICAO Annex 13.
Should there be a situation where a foreign registered aircraft holding foreign AOC encounters unairworthy condition making the aircraft totally unsafe to fly (immediate threat to safety) must be  immediately notify by GCAA duty Inspector on Mobile no. +971 50 641 4667 available 24/7, followed by email to

Regulations related to Foreign Operators

Under process

IBs related to foreign operators

1. The use of ICAO three –letter designators and call signs by foreign operators in U.A.E, refer Information Bulletin No: 20/2004
2. Data sheet for foreign operators, refer Form 025A
3. Data sheet for foreign registered aircraft, refer Form 025B, Information Bulletin No: 17/2006
4. Minimum insurance requirements, refer Information bulletin No: 06/2010
5. Airspace Inclusion, refer Information Bulletin No:08/2010

Contact Information:
All enquiries concerning Foreign Operators activities can be directed to the
Foreign Operators Affairs
Section in the first instance.

Tel:  +971 4 211 1701
Fax: +971 4 211 1576





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